The Jackbox Party Pack 9 Is Out Now on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and More

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CHICAGO Oct. 20, 2022 — Jackbox Games is thrilled to release The Jackbox Party Pack 9! You can grab their newest fun-filled collection in the hit party game series today for $29.99 USD on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Steam (PC/Mac), Epic (PC/Mac), Mac App Store, Apple TV, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Luna through a subscription to the Jackbox Games channel.


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The Jackbox Party Pack 9 features five new crowd-pleasing additions to your party game library:

  • Fibbage 4 (2-8 players)The hilarious bluffing party game returns with an all new Final Fibbage, video questions, fan-submitted questions, and Fibbage Enough About You mode! It’s a game so beloved that we decided to slap a 4 on it. 
  • Quixort (1-10 players) – In this trivia sorting factory, work with your team to sort falling answers into their proper order before they hit the floor! Or, see how many blocks you can sort before topping out in Quixort Forever mode. It’s as easy as A, C, B!
  • Junktopia (3-8 players) – A strange wizard has turned you into a frog! Create hilarious backstories for weird objects and then get them appraised. The player with the most valuable items becomes human again! 
  • Nonsensory (3-8 players) – Professor Nanners is here to test your NSP (Nonsensory Perception) in this drawing, writing, and guessing game! How close can you get to guessing where another player’s prompt ranks on the silliest of scales? 
  • Roomerang (4-9 players) – Channel your inner reality TV star in an attempt to come out on top! Respond to prompts, bring the competition and role-play to avoid being voted out. Never fear though, even when you’re out you’ll find yourself Roomerang-ed right back into the drama!

Games in The Jackbox Party Pack franchise support phones, tablets, and computers as controllers. Just go to on your device and enter the room code to play. Up to 10,000 additional audience members can join specific games to affect their final outcome.

The Jackbox Party Pack 9 is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB. The Jackbox Party Pack 9 supports past features and settings including manual censoring, subtitles, and family-friendly modes to make it easier for families and streamers to host the perfect party this holiday season. New features in The Jackbox Party Pack 9 include a much-requested feature from streamers, player kicking as well as QR code login. Jackbox Games is also working on a localization patch for The Jackbox Party Pack 9, expected to be released by the end of 2022. This patch will allow players to enjoy all five games in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

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About Jackbox Games Jackbox Games is a developer and publisher of party games on major gaming platforms and home entertainment devices. The studio is best known for comedic party games like YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, Fibbage, Quiplash, Drawful and Trivia Murder Party. Jackbox Games “makes the world’s best party games,” according to Business Insider. YOU DON’T KNOW JACK has been called “the greatest quiz-show game ever made” by The Onion’s A.V. Club. All current-generation Jackbox Games titles feature the innovative use of mobile devices as controllers, allowing anyone with an internet-connected phone, tablet or laptop to join a game without the need for extra game controllers. Players connect to games on their devices by visiting and entering the custom game code displayed via the system hosting the game. This unique concept also allows for games that involve secret player input. Jackbox Party Packs have been called “the definitive party game of a generation” by GQ. The company is located in Chicago, Illinois.

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