Party Games That You Can Take To A Bar! To a Friend’s House! On Vacation!

As we emerge from the icy tundra that was January and February throughout most of the country (not every sentence is for YOU, Phoenix), so comes an important revelation.

We aren’t limited to a crumb-ridden sofa when playing Jackbox Games anymore. We’re free. Parties can happen anywhere now and heading over to our local dive bar or friend’s apartment suddenly doesn’t seem like such a chore!

If you’re not aware, Jackbox Games are available on a baker’s dozen of digital platforms. While technically all platforms are portable if you have a cleaned-out car, some are more so than others. If you’re looking to add to your party game collection and portability is an important factor for you, consider one of the following platforms:

iPad: A straightforward option with a twist… When you purchase a party pack on your iPad, you can also play it on your Apple TV!

Mac or PC laptop: This one’s simple. Laptop + HDMI cord = Endless fun. Laptop sitting on coffee table + pizza = Endless cheesy fun.

Amazon Fire TV stick: Download a party pack on your Stick and then stick that sucker into the USB port of your buddy’s big screen. It’s not as dirty as it sounds! Unless you want it to be!

Nintendo Switch: Grab a doc to hook your Switch up to another’s TV or sit around your Switch to play along at the rooftop party or outdoor location of your choice!

Remember: All Jackbox Games require Internet access to play. If you’re heading to a bar or bringing them to a picnic, you’ll need a portable Wifi hotspot, or something similar. We’ve found that tethering the game system to your phone works great as long as you have service.

There you have it, friends! Spring forth from your musty dwellings and bring the gift of dope party games to those near and far. And, be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages for updates on the latest Jackbox Games sales.

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