Meet the Official Jackbox Games Twitch Team

jackbox games streamers

The 2022 official Jackbox Games Twitch Team is full of passionate and creative gamers. Each streamer’s unique voice adds to the colorful world of gaming and livestreaming! Use the team roster below and find Jackbox Games titles for play. Build friendships and prepare to laugh!

Bernie is a musician, artist, game developer, and a comedy and trivia loving nerd, which means he was born to play Jackbox. He was captain of the Joke Boat team in high school.

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Heya and Guten Tag! I’m very passionate about Jackbox and I love sharing the joy with my audience!

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Gnome is a vibrant and outgoing cozy trans streamer exploring the world of tabletop roleplaying games like DnD with a welcoming community. Hosting a morning talkshow, TTRPG streams, and community Jackbox Games, you’ll find something fun to engage with!

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If you’re reading this, you’re now my BB. Join the stream ASAP, it’s the law!

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RainbowPaint is a sex positive streamer bursting with Love and Perversion! An offbeat community that digs happy vibes but also loves dark humor. Be weird, be awkward and make us laugh!

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Portuguese streamer, proud to say that I’ve created a very diverse and welcoming community with Jackbox and variety.
I try to keep the entire vibe and them of the streams on the cozy side. You probably won’t find super hype excitement around my parts but you can bet on what I like the most: bantering , random conservation topics, and something calm to start your mornings with.

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I’m a Husband, dad and a semi truck driver. I enjoy playing games that gets the viewers involved.

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A family friendly streamer who is all about creating collaborative experiences.

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A Canadian transplant living in Germany [what’s the wurst that could happen eh?]

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In addition to writing, producing, and hosting SMRT Trivia, Rob also enjoys long walks on the beach, EDM festivals, and creative writing Jackbox Games like Quiplash and Joke Boat!

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Seeking to provide content in a lewdly wholesome space that helps to improve physical and mental confidence while normalizing sexuality and fighting against the celebration of violence.

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Hi there! I’m Tink, a bisexual plus size fairy who somehow made it into a human body. If you’re ever looking for games to play with a cozy and chaotic community where we all hype each other up , the fairy hideaway is your place to stop by!

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I’m a 18+ variety streamer who focuses on community games and voice acting streams! My community is a judgment-free place to play games, laugh, be silly and forget about the world for awhile.

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Streamer, content creator and language enthusiast living in Berlin Germany, owner of many consoles with favourite being the Switch. I create non-copyrighted music for you to use for your streams and videos over on Viva La Beats which can be found over on Spotify, and am also a Spanish speaker while learning German in my free time. I stream Jackbox Party Pack games every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday over on Twitch involving weekly giveaways, come play with us and join the community!

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Hey yall! My name’s Wrk, and I love to do play-by-play commentary for jackbox games, make silly voices (like trying to replicate the TMP host), attempt (terribly) to do foreign language TMP 2, and just over all hype up the community for making amazing plays and even more amazing art. I love spreading good vibes and hype!

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