Make Everyone Happy With This Easy Holiday Party Game

The party scientists at Jackbox Games have created dozens and dozens of options for you and your loved ones to try this holiday season. We’ve got trivia, we’ve got drawing, we’ve got hidden identity games galore. It can be overwhelming to pick the right game to start with. I’m here to offer up a humble suggestion that has been a surefire hit for me and my pals: Fibbage Enough About You in The Jackbox Party Pack 9

One of my favorite things about playing our last iteration of Fibbage was a new gameplay mode called Fibbage Enough About You. In Fibbage Enough About You, which I will refer to with the super-smooth acronym EAY from now on, the game becomes all about the group you’re playing with!

I don’t like:

  • Awkward silence as I scramble for my next conversation topic

I do like:

  • Having a bank of fun facts and anecdotes to pull from when conversing with friends or family members who I don’t see very often

With all of this in mind, Fibbage EAY is positively perfect for me and mine and hopefully you and yours as well! 

How the Game Works

In the classic game of Fibbage, players are given a trivia question with a missing blank that completes the fact. Each player puts in a convincing word or phrase to stump the rest of the group. Then, all answers (including the true answer) are presented and everyone votes for what they think the correct answer is. It’s a rad game of bluffing and trivia and frankly, it’s all you need for a great night.

What if you turn that concept on its head and make it about a beloved subject: YOU? In Fibbage EAY, everyone answers a prompt that reveals something about themselves and then the group takes turns inputting answers and guessing which is the truth. 

Here are some examples of Fibbage EAY in action during one of our team meetings:

It’s a great game for learning more about the group you’re playing with. It cuts through the typical conversation points you’ll go to naturally: work, life updates, weather, etc. You’ll finish the game full of questions to keep conversation going long after the game has ended. 

Get Started at Your Holiday Party

Fibbage EAY is a playable mode in The Jackbox Party Pack 9. The Jackbox Party Pack 9 is available on major digital platforms including Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more. 

Other Fun Holiday Games to Play With Friends & Family

You don’t have to stop the party once you’ve finished playing Fibbage EAY! Build out a complete party game playlist with some of our recommendations.

If you want to try another game that is all about the people attending your holiday party, try Role Models in The Jackbox Party Pack 6. Sort your fellow players into categories like Boy Band Members, Classic Movie Villians, Game of Thrones Characters and more.

For friends who love to watch shows like Big Brother, The Bachelor, or The Challenge, try Roomerang in The Jackbox Party Pack 9. Roleplay as a popular reality TV trope and try to avoid getting evicted by your fellow players.

For family members who love to go antiquing in every city they visit, try Junktopia, also in The Jackbox Party Pack 9. Make up simple backstories for bizarre objects in order to earn the most profit.

If you’re looking for another easy game that will have your group yelling out answers, try Blather ‘Round in The Jackbox Party Pack 7. Try to give hints about your person, place, or thing using a very limited collection of words. 

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