Long Sleeve Tees Joining Tee K.O.

image of long sleeved tee ordering option in Tee K.O,

Do you love owning custom t-shirts featuring your masterful Tee K.O. creations? Have you spent many long nights wishing you could also choose a shirt with more sleeve OR less arm? Then your moment has finally arrived: We’ve added a long sleeve t-shirt option to Tee K.O.!

You may be asking yourself what you can do with a long sleeve tee that you can’t with a short sleeve one. Aside from the obvious expansion of your fashion options, you can also: 

  • Be fashionable in the fickle Midwestern spring
  • Rock hot looks through Southern Hemisphere fall and winter
  • Defeat your father’s overly aggressive air conditioning settings
  • Hide goosebumps while snuggling your date at a scary movie
  • Wear it tied jauntily around your neck while smooth talking your way into a yacht club
  • Conceal your extremely cool tattoos from your judgmental aunt’s watchful eye

Ordering the new long sleeve shirt option is super easy. When you finish a game of Tee K.O. you can click the t-shirt shaped icon in your post-game gallery, or head to jackbox.tv and click on the hamburger menu to select from your “Past Games.” From there you’ll be able to select and purchase a t-shirt in short or long sleeve varieties and share your amazing creations to social media. 

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