Learn More About Jackbox Games During Our Weekly Livestreams

Much like a cinematic universe of superheroes, our Jackbox-hosted streams are an ever-growing entity of action-packed CGI entertainment! We know that not everyone is hosting a game night every night (or lunch break), so we’ve put together a lineup of weekly shows that act as an opportunity for our fans to engage with the Jackbox devs, ask questions, and play our games along with the people who created them. 

We also have a pretty amazing community, if we do say so ourselves. If you’re looking for a way to play our games with strangers that has an added layer of oversight and moderation by adults with superpowers, we’re here to help. Read on for an overview of our current and upcoming weekly livestreams! 

The Jackbox Party Club

Your classic Tony Stark, Captain America, and Black Widow trio with less sunglasses, honor, or self-defense.

Once called Thursday Blursday, this weekly show is hosted by game directors Ryan DiGiorgi, Warren Arnold, and marketing director Brooke Hofer. We play Jackbox games with the chat (and occasionally special guests!) and share weekly updates from the studio in the form of post-it notes.

Date/Time: Thursdays at 3:30PM CT

The Bench

Guardians of the Galaxy? More like Comedians of the Industry! 

The Bench is a weekly stream with the writers at Jackbox Games. Join comedic writers/improv experts Liz Anderson and CJ Tuor for rounds of your favorite Jackbox titles. Each stream, they feature Jackbox plays-of-the-week from fans! 

Date/Time: Tuesdays at 4PM CT


Devs & Diaries 

Watch along as they channel wisdom to rival the Ancient One! 

Join Farhan Noormohammed and Michael Siciliano as they play through both Jackbox games and games from other studios while sharing their perspective as gameplay engineers. In need of some advice? Send in your questions about the gaming industry. Or adulting. Or what you should have for dinner. It’s all on the table.  

Date/Time: Mondays at 4PM CT

The Last Call

We’ll help be the Endgame of your evening! 

Join Community Manager Belia Portillo and members of the Jackbox Twitch team for an episodic series of streams featuring Jackbox streamers you know and love. This is a great place to discover new streamers you may want to follow and to play along with party games in the audience after a long day.  

Date/Time: TBD, likely launching in March


  • If you’re looking to join a game as a player during one of our streams, room codes are always shared in the #general channel of our official Discord server. Join now so you don’t miss a chance to see the room code during a stream! People join fast and it’s first come, first served.. 
  • Many of our streams utilize our Jackbox Audience Kit Twitch extension, which allows you to play along as an audience member within Twitch without having to open a separate browser for Jackbox.tv. Look for the box icon in the stream overlay on desktop, or look for the icon right above the chat if you’re on mobile, to join! 

Follow us on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok for updates when we’re live or to learn more about our upcoming shows.

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