I Dare You to Beat My Quixort Speedrun Time

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I sit atop a throne of trivia-filled tessellating tiles.

I am the best in the world at Quixort speedrunning. I hold the records for both classic Quixort and Quixort Forever. Would you dare challenge me? I will show you how, for I am invincible, inconceivable, intolerable. Even with my assistance, you will fail.

First, turn on the “Speedrun Mode” setting, which displays a timer on screen while you play, as well as tracks your fastest time for both classic Quixort and Quixort Forever. Your fastest times will not be enough. I can not be beaten.

A settings menu for the game Quixort in The Jackbox Party Pack 9. The Gameplay settings option is selected and the toggle for speedrun mode is turned on.

There are other settings that may help you. You will need it. I am unstoppable, untenable, unconsolable. You should set the “Block Falling Speed” to its fastest setting, “1”. You might prefer using a gamepad or keyboard instead of jackbox.tv. You can do this by turning on “Control blocks with Controller”. It is folly. No matter the tool, I can not be surpassed. No matter how many blocks you slam into the center of the board, my record will reign eternal.

The personal best contained within this screenshot is my world record time for Quixort Forever: 01:57.32. For classic Quixort, it is 13:58.07. The gauntlet has been thrown. Don thy armor, and SORT, QUICK!

Play Quixort in The Jackbox Party Pack 9 today! Share your personal best times with us on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok channels.

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