How To Put Your Life Back Together After Pushing The Button

Jackbox Games is very excited to introduce The Jackbox Party Pack 6 …and just a bit trepidatious about releasing Push The Button into the world. 

We’ve been playtesting the game for months now and it has come to our attention that this game incites a lot of emotion. Most of it is great! However, a tiny, tiny percentage of it is relationship/property destroying…

So before we release this alien virus into the public, we want to give you some helpful hints on what to do after playing the new hidden identity game, Push The Button!

Apologizing To Your Mother

First things first, you pushed your mom out of an airlock and that has to be addressed. I know, you were certain she was an alien. She drew a terrible picture of a rocking horse and said her favorite song was Sweet Caroline. Nothing was adding up! She had to go.

You ignored her desperate pleas of innocence because you were busy convincing your brother to shoot the woman who raised you into the void of space. However, it turns out she was a human and has an appreciation for Neil Diamond that you’ve never recognized. 

Immediately after reading this, you need to send her a card accompanied by a bottle of Cracklin’ Rosé. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll trust you around buttons again. 

Cutting Brad Out of Your Life

On the other hand, Brad hid his identity as an alien so well that he can never be trusted again. It doesn’t matter if he was the best man at your wedding. He looked you in the eyes and told you the first Tom Hanks movie he ever saw was The Terminal. You believed him!

His hypnotic gaze indicate he is at best a sociopath and at worst a sorcerer. Do you really want him babysitting your child this Friday?

Getting Stains Out of Carpets

I understand. When five people are doubting how much you enjoy cheese, you have to flip over a table to emphasize your argument. But now you’ve got a grape juice stain reminding you of the fact that Carol took issue with you saying you “strongly agree” that you love cheddar more than hugs. 

You’ll need some lemon juice to fix the stain on that rug… You’ll always want to be more vocal about your love of dairy products, so your “friends” have a better idea where you stand vis-a-vis snacks vs. physical contact. 

Trusting Your Significant Other

You never mentioned confessing to alien infections in your wedding vows and now you’re starting to regret that. You depend on your life partner to be the one person who shares all the hottest secrets and work gossip with you, but Push The Button proves they’ll keep quiet if they’re an alien in disguise. 

If you can’t trust them to come clean when DODE’s life is on the line, how can you trust they’re giving you the full story on why Chris in accounting shaved his mustache?

Addressing Your Existential Crisis

Wait …do you like cheese more than hugs? You think so but was “strongly agree” the right answer? Are your opinions that of a normal human being? Or was your brother-in-law right for calling you a monster from beyond the stars because you drew a teddy bear instead of a normal bear?

Playing Again

Now that you’ve made the proper apologies and adjustments to your relationships, you can use this insight during your next game. Hopefully, you’ve listened, grown, and formed tighter bonds with your loved ones. This will help you determine when they are being honest with you or if they are horrible liars that deserve to be frozen in the void.


…if you’re the alien, this newfound trust will help you destroy them all when you Push The Button!

The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is available now on major digital platforms. Play tonight!

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