How to Make Friends: A Back-to-School Guide from Jackbox Games

If there’s anything game developers know, it’s how to get stuffed into a locker  make friends. Let us share some of our infinite wisdom with you before you embark on your new, studious journey.

Become party royalty in 3 budget-friendly steps:

  1. Have Several Fun Facts in Your Back Pocket.

People like LEARNING! That’s what you’re all at school for anyway, isn’t it? You have a small window of time to establish yourself as Lord of the Facts within the first week of school. Awkward silences?  Drop these bombshells from Fibbage, in The Jackbox Party Pack, on them:

“Did you know that Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world a duck is watching you?”

“In 2009, Eminem tweeted that he was really good at Donkey Kong. Imagine that!”

“There’s a small village in England called No Place. More like No THANKS!”

  1. Wear Intriguing T-Shirts.

Nothing is more eye-catching than a vivid and somewhat confusing t-shirt. If you’re struggling to approach others and make conversation, sometimes the right outfit can do all of the work for you.

We recommend our Drawful 2 Sexy Bikini Owl t-shirt. We know from experience that wearing this out in public will evoke a variety of emotions and reactions (mostly confused stares). It’s the t-shirt equivalent of having an invisible neon arrow above your head!

  1. Become an Internet Personality.

Who needs real friends when you can be friends with people on the Internet? Use a streaming service like Twitch or Youtube to stream yourself playing Jackbox Games with friends around the globe. Take advantage of our special streamer features to make sure they are only Internet friends of the highest caliber. (Ok, there will still be that one weird guy, but what are you gonna do?)

Making new friends doesn’t have to be hard when you have games like Fibbage, Quiplash, and Drawful. Our games are designed to help you engage with the people you’re with, learn new things about each other, and laugh about goofy stuff – no small talk needed. Download our games on your PC or console and play this video for your group to get a game started. No fuss friendship!

Oh? What do you know – several of our games are on sale now for PC/Mac through Humble! Pick up The Jackbox Party Pack 3 for only $12.00 or fan-favorite Quiplash for only $1.00 today!

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