How to Lifehack These Jackbox Halloween Costumes

It’s the number one trending topic on every social media site: DIY Jackbox costumes. But what’s the OFFICIAL way to make them?

Let us help get you started with a few unique, hilarious, and CHEAP costumes for your upcoming Halloween parties. I have picked some ideas and spent my day in the Jackbox offices creating picture perfect pictures of various Party Pack iconography.

This is more or less closet cosplay, but I’m a theater kid so my closet has bald caps and various capes in it. Also, Jackbox generously gave me $5 to put this blog together. Otherwise, I’m mostly making suggestions as inexpensive and entertaining as the Jackbox games themselves!

This is me “normal” (Mug for scale)
  1. The Jackbox Games Logo

One of the most famous images associated with Jackbox games is a head in a box.

This costume is easy. All you need is a small box and bald head. Boxes can be stolen from your office* and you can achieve a bald head through shaving, having an actual bald head, or letting time take its toll.

I also needed tape because I have sideburns I needed to cover…


Needed more tape for sideburns…

This costume is perfect for gaming conventions and/or Halloween screenings of Seven.

  1. Monster Seeking Monster

It a scientific fact** that the average American has at least one monster costume at home. If you’re looking to spice up your vampire, mummy and/or witch costume, might I recommend making them a little…

Monster Seeking Monster is a game about creatures of the undead seeking love. It involves lying and subterfuge in order to score points just like traditional dating, but they have secret powers that require careful strategy in order to maneuver. I wanted to replicate the purple skin and enticing mystique of the Monster Seeking Monster vampire:

This is where I use the aforementioned cape and $5 to buy a three-color makeup kit

As you can see, I also printed out some images from the game. Like the heart point icon and some phrases I could attach to my cape. The end result:

Purple? Pink like a bad sunburn? It’s the same thing!
You can screenshot your best lines! Or steal them from more charming people!
This also makes a great couples costume. I am both of these monsters through the magic of photo editing and toilet paper!
  1. Split the Room

Would you like to be dressed to the nines AND ahead of the curve? Why not dress like a character from The Jackbox Party Pack 5?

The Split the Room host is a Halloween Costume with a sense of style, much like the Phantom of the Opera.

You combine a cat costume and a nice suit and you’re there.
I could use a cat mask, but I bought hair gel and a makeup kit and I’m going to use it!

Split the Room is a game about creating difficult decisions. My final costume has generated a image that is even more gut wrenching:

I am available for birthday parties. Terrifying, terrifying birthday parties.
  1. Drawful

Okay….enough beautiful monsters and gruesome cats! It’s time to get silly!!!

Drawful and Drawful 2 are games that provide a prompt and then ask you to draw it to the best of your ability. Halloween provides you a chance to throw a party where every guest gets a Drawful prompt and has to make a costume (possibly right on the spot).

I’m going to ask a coworker for a random prompt and make the costume out of stuff that I find*** around my office. Here’s the prompt: “failing a lie detector” (Full disclosure: this is the second prompt… the first was vampire related because the universe just wants to see me in a cape but I wanted a challenge)

Here are my materials:

If you find typos in this article, it’s because my editor no longer has a mouse.

And the end result:

Ridiculously long fingers are not part of the costume. They are just my cross to bear.

Imagine a party where everybody has to assemble these outfits and everybody had to guess what they are trying to portray. It’s like your Jackbox Party Pack came to life!!*

Got a great Jackbox-y costume? Throughout the month of October, tag us in your pictures on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #JackboxHalloween in your post! And, don’t forget to pre-order The Jackbox Party Pack 5 for PC/Mac/Linux OR purchase it upon release on October 17th!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


**Wild guess

***Steal. I steal from my place of work.

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