Free Update for Drawful 2: Localization in French, Italian, German and Castilian Spanish

It’s finally time to go back to the drawing board – Drawful 2’s International Update aims to bring hilariously bad drawings to even more people.

Chicago, Il, May 6th, 2021 – Today Jackbox Games released the International Update for Drawful 2, making the game available in four additional languages. Players can now enjoy their drawing attempts in German, French, Italian and Castilian Spanish. The International Update is available as a free digital download for owners of Drawful 2 on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Drawful 2 can be purchased for 7,99-9,99 EUROS on the aforementioned platforms.

Watch the trailer:

Developer Jackbox Games began localizing its releases, with the very cleverly named Quiplash 2 InterLASHional being the first title just last year. Finally, even more people can show the world that they have absolutely no talent as an artist and make everyone else laugh at their failed attempts in the process. And now they can no longer rely on the excuse that they had no idea what they should be drawing. Isn’t that amazing?!

In Drawful 2, each player receives a weird and unique prompt that they must try to draw on their mobile device. Warning: erasing is not allowed! After each “artist” presents their work, everyone else anonymously submits a title that could fit this bizarre drawing. To win, players must find the correct prompt whilst also fooling other players into selecting their decoy answer. Bonus points are awarded to those who submitted decoys that are especially clever – or silly. Additionally, players have the ability to create their own episode of Drawful 2 with user-generated prompts. Now, whether being told what to draw in your own language will actually help you do a good job at drawing… well, we can only help you so much.

In addition to the localization, the Drawful 2 International Update includes the following features:

  • Closed captioning: Players will be able to turn on subtitles for the host audio.
  • Content moderation: Moderators can join the game by going to and entering the room code. By doing this, they will be able to see all prompts and drawings before they appear on the screen and remove any from appearing in the game. This is especially useful for streamers/content creators!
  • Text filtering: By turning on this setting, the game will automatically filter out offensive content or hate speech. There are three settings available for filtering: Off, Moderate, and Strict.

The International Update is available as a free digital download for owners of Drawful 2 on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. More information on the game and the entire Jackbox Games lineup can be found here.

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