Enter the Fibbage 4 Voiceover Challenge

Ever wondered if you could be a voiceover actor for Jackbox Games? Now’s your chance to show us your skills!

We’re inviting you to participate in our Fibbage 4 Voiceover Challenge. Give us your best Cookie Masterson impression when reading lines from the game in a video duet on TikTok.

To submit your entry, duet this TikTok by Friday, December 9th at 3PM CT.


Calling all Fibbage fans and aspiring voiceover artists! Duet this TikTok with your best Cookie Masterson impression for a chance to win a personal message from Cookie himself. Full eligibility rules are linked on our blog. Post your duet with the tag #Fibbage4VOchallenge by 12/9! #jackbox #fibbage #voiceover #voiceoverchallenge #contest

♬ original sound – Jackbox Games

Invite your friends to like your submission, because winners of this challenge will be selected by the number of likes on TikTok entries. 

And what’s the prize? Why, a personal voice message from Cookie Masterson himself, of course!

That’s right, two grand prize winners (selected by the highest number of likes) will receive a personalized voice message from the legendary Fibbage host, Cookie Masterson. Read the full rules here

Study up on Cookie Masterson’s voiceover work by playing Fibbage 4 in The Jackbox Party Pack 9. Then, submit your entry and join us for all sorts of fun during 12 Days of Jackbox

For more contests, giveaways, and revelry, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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