Free Bomb Corp. Update Now Available in The Jackbox Party Pack 2

A free update to The Jackbox Party Pack 2 is now available! For the second month of 2023, we’re celebrating the second Party Pack! This update includes improvements to Bomb Corp, a game where you take the role of an office intern who is tasked with normal intern responsibilities such as diffusing bombs. 

Our team has long been looking forward to patching in improvements for Bomb Corp based on fan-requested features. Today you can enjoy the following updates:

Death is not the end. If you die in the game, you can now select “Retry” to retry the exact puzzle sequence you died on and continue from there if you succeed.

Take it easy. We adjusted the difficulty for filing puzzles. The number of names to file for each difficulty level has been reduced.

Adjective puzzle (Written By Kids) moved. Day 3 had a filing puzzle and the super tough Adjective Puzzle, making it way too difficult early in the game. We moved this around to give players an easier time early on.

First 5 days now have slightly increased timers and decreased puzzle difficulties. The middle 5 days have a very slight decrease in difficulty. 

Decreased thresholds for star levels across all days. 

With these changes, do you think you can now beat Bomb Corp? Tune in to our live stream at 5 PM CT on Friday, February 24th to try it live over at and 
Check your consoles today to update your copy of The Jackbox Party Pack 2.

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