5 Jackbox Drawing Games for Art Enthusiasts

The time has come to figure out which of your friends has the most artistic flair. We’re taking a look at five Jackbox Games titles that make the most use of your creative skills. And, just to get the controversy out of the way, it’s not considered cheating if you use a stylus. (But props to the finger-drawing purists out there!)

Drawful 2

Let’s start with a classic. Drawful is part of The Jackbox Party Pack, and its beloved standalone sequel is Drawful 2. This game challenges players to draw unique prompts. Think of it like a really strange game of charades. Once everyone has submitted their drawing, it is time to decide which prompt is describing what’s on the canvas. Drawful is sure to be a party pleaser. It’s easy to pick up and you’re guaranteed to create some weird memories. You can also create custom episodes of Drawful 2


Another great game for your cool art school friends is Bidiots. Take your masterpieces to the auction hall and try to outbid each other as you compete for top valued art! At the end of the game you’ll win (fake) money as a reward for all of your hard work. 

Civic Doodle

If you’re looking for a more collaborative artistic experience, you might enjoy Civic Doodle. In Civic Doodle you will combine your skills (or lack thereof) to help the mayor of Doodle Valley beautify the city. Add on to each other’s drawings, vote on whose contributions to keep for the next round, and decide which mashup is worthy of making it into town hall. When you’re finished, you can even take your artwork home as a t-shirt or postcard!

Patently Stupid

If you’re starting to feel confident about your artistry and are ready to send it out to market, check out Patently Stupid. This game will task you with drawing unique solutions to, er, complex problems. Once you have an idea, you can present your innovation to your fellow investors, or let hosts Toby and Lena take the wheels to try and sell your creative contraptions to your fellow entrepreneurs. Your goal is to hone in your marketing skills and collect more investor dollars than your competition. 

Tee K.O.

Rounding out our list of Jackbox drawing games, Tee K.O. will have you wearing your creations in the real world. In Tee K.O., players will be challenged to draw the absolute best t-shirt designs that correspond to unique prompts, which you’re also creating. Sync up the best drawing with the best text to create the greatest t-shirt. At the end of the gauntlet, be sure to turn your beloved creations into a reality and wear your design out in public with pride. 

So, get your art party together, boot up a game, and head over to Jackbox.tv. No messy watercolors necessary! Visit our archive for a full list of drawing games. When you’ve finished your masterpiece, send it over to us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter using #JackboxArtParty by Monday, February 1st 2020. We’ll not only hang it proudly on our refrigerator, but you’ll also have a chance to win a copy of The Jackbox Party Pack 7, which includes our newest drawing game: Champ’d Up! We’ll pick some favorites and let our social media audiences choose the winning masterpiece! 

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