12 Days of Jackbox – Day 1 – Tee.K.O. Shirt Giveaway Contest

Tee K.O. 12 Days of Jackbox

Instead of wearing your finest or ugliest sweater to a party, design something special to wear this holiday season with Tee K.O.!

We want to gift YOU your very own, self-designed Tee.K.O. t-shirt! Here’s how to participate in the Tee K.O. Giveaway Contest:

STEP 1: Anytime during the 12 Days of Jackbox, play Tee K.O. and share your gallery* link on social media using the hashtag #TeeKHoHoHo

Keep it family-friendly, you’re going to wear this in public after all! Inappropriate content will not be accepted into the contest.

*Don’t know how to share your gallery? Here’s how!

STEP 2: At the end of 12 Days of Jackbox, we’ll pick four of our favorite galleries for the community to vote on!

STEP 3: The gallery with the most votes wins and will receive their Tee K.O. shirts for free!

Our lawyer says we need to include this so you should read all the official stuff here before entering the contest. 


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