The Best Party Games to Play Over Easter Weekend

Whether you are gathered with family and friends to celebrate Easter or Passover, observing Ramadan, or enjoying the sudden availability of rabbit-shaped chocolate in every pharmacy, this holiday weekend can feel a bit unstructured! Especially if you’re not someone who is under the age of 10. Party games can be a great solution when you’re done debating whether deviled eggs are good or not. (They are.) 

All you need is a platform to play on. Steam is a great option if someone has a laptop handy because it can be easily plugged into a TV via an HDMI cord. Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch are all easy too! Lacking gamers in your group? Try Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV! Only one person (you, party savior) needs to own the game in order for everyone to play. From there, each person can use their mobile device as their controller. 

When perusing the entire Jackbox Games catalog, finding the right fit can be like searching for Easter eggs in an unkempt child’s playroom. EVERYTHING looks colorful and fun. Where to begin? The second game in The Jackbox Party Pack 10 will be announced later this month.

Play this party game after your big Easter dinner to inject some life back into the party.

If you want to play a game that has the simplest instructions possible, look no further than Quiplash 3 in The Jackbox Party Starter. In this game, players are given two prompts that they must respond to with their funniest short answer. That’s it for the round! Answers are then pitted head-to-head and the group votes for their favorite one. It’s truly a Peep-le pleaser.

Quiplash Gameplay Screenshot

Channel your inner artist long after you’ve colored eggs with a drawing-based party game. 

If you need a game that will appeal to the egg-dyers in your group, try Champ’d Up in The Jackbox Party Pack 7. In this game, everyone is given unusual “champion titles” and must draw an absurd character that best represents that title. Turn the family-friendly filter on in the settings menu before you play to make it playable for all ages! 

Champ'd Up Gameplay Screenshot

Ready to call it a weekend? End your holiday party on a high note with some trivia. 

Try one of our team-based games if you don’t want anyone in your group to feel singled out! One of our newest trivia games, Quixort in The Jackbox Party Pack 9, is a fan-favorite. Teams are given a category and must sort prompts that fit that category in the correct order as they fall to the bottom of the screen. Disclaimer: you WILL find yourself yelling when someone on your team needs to move more to the left or right. It perfectly captures the “Who will find the last egg in the hunt?” vibe. 

Quixort Gameplay screenshot

Did the Easter bunny leave you some coins? Get the best deal on Jackbox Games titles for the weekend here!

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