This Cheesehead proudly hails from WISCAHHHNSIN, but has since transplanted to Chicago. Alex has been gaming all his life, with some of his earliest gaming memories playing Sonic on the Sega Genesis. Alex recently joined our QA crew at Jackbox, but has been in the industry for a while, having worked on other titles such as: Mutant Football League, Madden 19, and Madden 20

Favorite Games: Halo 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Escape from Tarkov

Alex is in charge of the website. He programmed the Jackbox Audience Kit Twitch extension, the Champ’d Up: Slam Down card game and the Lie Swatter Alexa Skill. Prior to Jackbox, Alex worked for now-defunct app Breaking News and now-defunct iOS app i.TV. When not working, Alex enjoys making games in his free time, participating in game jams and hackathons, and tinkering with IoT devices.

Favorite Games: League of Legends, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Just Shapes & Beats

Alex arrived as a producer at Jackbox after some assorted years working on a potpourri of media projects. He’s organized for artists, curators, and professors, produced interactive software, and even taught digital literacy to library denizens! At work and in life, he’s just a big ol’ media head. In addition to evangelizing about Scrum and scope here at Jackbox, he loves spearheading process improvements, helping hire people, and telling teammates to take a vacation. Additional features include: media preservation obsession, a tendency to betray his dog, eidetic memories of all trash tv, and substandard swimming ability. Recommends 8TB to install.

Favorite Games: Resident Evil 4, Humongous Entertainment games, Deadly Premonition, Ape Escape 3, Death Stranding

Allard’s relationship with the Jackbox brand goes back to 1995, when he was the Art Director and contributing game designer for the first volume of You Don’t Know Jack. After a five year stint at The Walt Disney Company as a Creative Producer (leading the Disney’s Magic Artist line, among other titles), Allard then partnered with the Chicago team to create the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game which turned out to be, at the time, the fastest selling CD-ROM ever. The collaborative success of this project convinced Allard that Jackbox was his creative home. He returned and has been leading art and design ever since.
Favorite Games: California Games, Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Red Dead Redemption II, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

Andy has been with Jackbox Games since 1995. He’s seen it all, gang. While not a “hat guy,” he has worn a lot of them over the years: writer, editor, director, host, sound designer, and composer. He is the keeper of the fart sound effects.
Favorite Games: Sea Wolf (1976), Battlezone (1980), Flarp! Noise Putty (2021)

Whether she knows it or not, April has always had games on her mind. Her first game was a board game about her stuffed toy turtle made with paper and tape when she was in elementary school! However, it wasn’t until she worked with Girls Make Games that she decided to fully pursue the video game industry. Having been inspired by their passion for an inclusive and diverse industry, she worked as a Unity programmer with the team behind Infinite Guitars, and now as a Gameplay Engineer at Jackbox Games.

Favorite Games: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mother 3, Super Mario Sunshine

Arnie is the Studio Editorial Director and has been writing, designing and directing games since the first Jackbox Party Pack. He directed Drawful, Trivia Murder Party, Fakin’ It, Talking Points and more. (Okay… Bidiots and Monster Seeking Monster.) When not working, he’s also the host of the improv comedy podcast Hello from the Magic Tavern.

Avery is a Sound Designer and also works with voice over recording/editing and 3rd party audio software. He started making noises at a young age, though his parents discouraged it, deeming them “not fit for dinner at Grandma’s.” Eventually he tooted his way to NU’s Sound Arts & Industries program and later interned at Adult Swim Streams before being taken in by the good people of Jackbox Games.

You’ll commonly find Belia at gaming conventions and events. After leaving a career in politics, Belia shifted to pursuing a passion for the intersection between technology and community. This, combined with her passion for video games drew her in to pursue greener pastures in the games industry. You can find her on Twitter: @notbelia

Favorite Games: Undertale, Hollow Knight, Bloodborne, EarthBound, Myst, Yume Nikki, Fallout: New Vegas, RimWorld, Portal 2, West of Loathing, Killer Queen, Disco Elysium, Lisa, Hyper Light Drifter, Night in the Woods, The Binding of Isaac

Brooke is a writer, director, and game designer. She started working on The Jackbox Party Pack 5, and they decided to keep her around. Brooke is also an actor and comedian living in Chicago. She is an alum of The Second City and has appeared in some commercials and tv shows.

Brooke’s favorite thing about being a marketer is getting to put herself in other people’s shoes. After graduating from The Missouri School of Journalism at Mizzou, Brooke worked as an Account Manager for Influence and Co., specializing in health and tech clients. Then, Brooke was a programs and content manager at Bright Pink, a nonprofit specializing in breast and ovarian cancer prevention. As a long-time Jackbox fan, Brooke jumped at the opportunity to join Jackbox and help make more people aware of her favorite party games. You can find Brooke on The Jackbox Party Club on Thursdays at 3:30 CT with her co-hosts, Ryan and Warren. #MrPigForever

Favorite Games: Halo 2, The Sims 2, Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005), Red Dead Redemption II, Stardew Valley, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Writing stories has made Bryce feel bigger than his surroundings, and it inspired him to pursue a career in Film. Being from a tiny rural town this career path was… difficult, but he earned a scholarship to DePaul University and moved to Chicago in 2016. After winning a couple of screenwriting awards, producing his own miniseries, and penning five feature films, he graduated from DePaul University with a degree in screenwriting in 2020. His interests then shifted to his lifelong passion of gaming, and he took on five different contract positions at once, varying from narrative design to Linguistic QA, and entered the game industry as a QA Tester at iiRcade. This gave him the opportunity to work on arcade ports of games such as Dragon’s Lair, Dead Cells, and RetroMania Wrestling

Favorite Games: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Fable II, Kingdom Hearts II 

You might recognize CJ Tuor from Jackbox’s TikTok and Twitch channels. Even though he is officially a staff writer/editorial lead, he believes himself to be the company’s official cosplayer/riddler. Anyway, he is very happy creating comedy prompts and puzzling trivia. He would like to thank his wife, son, coworkers and family for constant support and would like to ask if you think this bio itself was a riddle.

Favorite Game: Push the Button

Clara tumbled directly from DePaul University’s film school down the street to Jackbox Games. Starting with Pack 5, Clara has happily lent their editing hand to tasks simultaneously deemed “so so so helpful” and “incredibly annoying,” including proofreading all these nice bios! You may even catch a whisper of Clara as they run the tech for an assortment of Jackbox’s streams. 

Favorite Games: Outer Wilds, Undertale, Hades, Celeste, NieR:Automata, A Short Hike, Wandersong

Elise is a pianist and jazz arranger who’s toured the world on keyboards, and is happy to finally settle down as a composer and audio lead at Jackbox. Elise has scored music for short films and podcasts, and has worked as a music director on Second City’s e.t.c. stage. Her favorite venue is “Paddlers” on the island of Molokai, and her favorite piano to play is the Steinway at the Lincoln Center. 

Favorite Games: Ghost of Tsushima, The Secret Island of Dr. Quandary, Harvest Moon

Evan Jacover started as an intern at Jellyvision in 1998 working on CD-ROM versions of You Don’t Know Jack, and stayed with the company as its name evolved to Jackbox Games and his title evolved to CTO. In his time at Jackbox Games, he built numerous applications, directed games, built technical and production teams, and once played a mediocre clarinet part for some background music.

Hector M Padilla has been a Lead Artist at Jackbox Games since 2018, responsible for creating the visual designs for games like Mad Verse City, Role Models, and Champ’d Up. He might be even more famous for directing, shooting, and editing Sims 2 music videos during middle school and uploading them to YouTube. He apologizes…

Favorite Games: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Rayman 3, Dead or Alive 2, Power Stone, Pokémon Crystal

Hero is an Artist at Jackbox Games. After graduating from DePaul University, he worked as a freelance animator for short films, music videos, and advertisements before working in the games industry. He has worked on Role Models from The Jackbox Party Pack 6, and Champ’d Up and The Devils and the Details from The Jackbox Party Pack 7.

Favorite Games: Halo, Apex Legends, Pokémon, Mario Kart

Born into a world of software engineering, Isaac is a life form composed mostly of meat and water that has been trained to think about video games. From hamsters to spaceships, dragons to sentences that don’t make sense, Isaac has been constantly at work to bring weird worlds to life. Now that he has a job in the industry, he can actually let these worlds escape his mind and into something that can bring joy to the world. At least, that’s what he hopes. It may just bring a little more stupidity into the world. Only time will tell.

Favorite Games: Sonic the Hedgehog, The Stanley Parable, Monster Train

Laura was born and raised in Chicago, which means she hates winter and summer with equal amounts of stubborn passion and has very strong feelings about both food and baseball. After graduating from University of Illinois Chicago with her MS in biomedical visualization, she took a winding path through web development and graphic design in the health industry, illustration and creative direction in tabletop gaming, and project management in Fintech before suddenly appearing in the Jackbox Games office at the start of Party Pack 7 development. Now we can’t get her to leave, and she won’t stop talking to us about Scrum.

Favorite Games: Destiny, Devil May Cry 3, Beat Saber, League of Legends, Dragon Age 2 (I said what I said)

Lena wasn’t allowed to play videogames as a child, but overcorrected in high school and now helps create them! They spend their time helping maintain the servers and overseeing the t-shirt elves, and are also the controller engineer for Quiplash 3 and Job Job.

Favorite Games: Ori and the Blind Forest, A Short Hike, and almost anything social VR

As a project management nerd with an art degree, Lindsey has always loved working with creative teams. She has managed projects in a variety of industries, but has always had a passion for gaming. As you can imagine, she jumped at the opportunity to join the Jackbox team in 2021!

Favorite Games: All things Pokémon

Liz is a full-time writer at Jackbox, her work having most recently appeared in The Jackbox Party Pack 7, The Jackbox Party Pack 8, and as a malevolent presence on TikTok. She has been writing comedy professionally for nearly a decade, as a Writing Fellow and contributor at The Onion and on the NPR quiz show Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!. She doesn’t have any extracurricular activities to speak of. KISSES XOXO 

Favorite Game: The Final Cutscene of Luigi’s Mansion 3

Michael ran south to escape the northern Michigan winters and made it all the way to Chicago before his legs got tired. He sought refuge in a timber loft that just so happened to house Jackbox Games, and in an attempt to blend in, pitched Talking Points. Michael has been making games ever since, mostly by programming the computer, but always while wearing a coat.

Favorite Games: Sayonara Wild Hearts, Inside, Hades, Halo 3: ODST

Michelle is on the marketing team at Jackbox Games. Prior to working at Jackbox Games, Michelle worked as a marketer in the mortgage industry. She also has several years of experience making jokes on the stage, on the page, and on the internets. 

Favorite Game: Joke Boat

Mike is the CEO of Jackbox Games and has been with the company since 2008, where he’s led the team in the creation of a number of hit party games including the successful Jackbox Party Pack franchise. He has over 20 years of game development experience ranging from mobile and social titles to multimillion-dollar AAA console products. His hair is featured on the cover of the original Fibbage game. If you’re interested in a similar hairstyle, simply walk into any accredited hair salon and ask for “The Bilder.”

Owen Watson is an artist all the way from the Jersey Shore. Before Jackbox, he worked as an animator/character designer on projects for Hasbro, Comedy Central, and Adult Swim. He Joined Jackbox in 2016 and has been leading visual design and creating characters for the games Job Job, The Devils and the Details, Joke Boat, Split the Room, Fakin’ It, Monster Seeking Monster, and more! He is also the biggest “Weird Al” Yankovic fan you’ll probably ever meet.

Favorite Games: Super Mario Sunshine, WarioLand, Alien Hominid, Banjo Kazooie, Peasant’s Quest

Paris is a staff writer for Jackbox Games and a headline contributor to The Onion. She doesn’t want to take up too much of your time, so she’ll be brief.

Favorite Games: Job Job, The Poll Mine, Fakin’ It

Ryan has directed games such as Tee K.O., The Devils and the Details, Fibbage 3, Quiplash 2, Role Models, and the relaunch of the series he grew up playing: You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream. He also helps write the well-crafted jokes that the loud guy in your friend group talks over. You may recognize him from the weekly interactive streaming show The Jackbox Party Club, or from your dreams.

Favorite Games: The Curse of Monkey Island, Space Quest IV, Metal Gear Solid, The Witcher 3, BioShock Infinite, Pac-Attack

Ryan is a software engineering all-rounder who really hopes you enjoyed Blather ‘Round’s experience, since he cut his game programming teeth there. From volunteer bug triage for Gaslamp Games to interactive conversation construction for cousin company Jellyvision, Ryan made eyes at Jackbox basically the whole time until they relented. He cannot believe how well this is all going and expects to wake up any second now.

Favorite Games: Team Fortress 2, Dungeons of Dredmor, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Path of Exile

Spencer grew up playing You Don’t Know Jack in the remote wilderness of a strange land called Missouri. One afternoon, while crowded around the keyboard with his mom and sister, he boldly declared he’d one day write for the company that made this hilarious game (please don’t fact-check this story). As fate would have it, he did. In the last decade, he’s been fortunate enough to write, voice, and design several titles, including Trivia Murder Party, Split the Room, and Champ’d Up

Favorite Games: Firewatch, Inside, What Remains of Edith Finch, but definitely NOT James Pond (Sorry, mom and dad. Your heart was in the right place.)

Stephanie Egan (also known as Steff) is an artist who hails from New England and graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in 2014. Before Jackbox, she was a freelancer for six years and has worked with multiple studios (maybe you’ve seen a cake illustration of hers on Food Network) and has made numerous comedic animations for popular YouTubers. Nowadays you can find her eating deep dish pizza while working at Jackbox Games, putting her passion for animation, illustration, and comedy into fun party games for others to enjoy! When she’s not working she can be found at conventions, going on hikes, studying herpetology, or playing video games.

Favorite Games: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Stardew Valley, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Hades, Persona 4 & 5, Pokémon HeartGold, Tetris, Dr. Mario, and BurgerTime

Tim provides art, writing and VO based on whatever’s needed that day. He has wandered in and out of the Jackbox storyline as early as You Don’t Know Jack Vol. 2. You can hear Tim as the host of Bidiots, Split the Room and The Devils and the Details, and some of his proudest moments have included animating the number 4 being mysteriously shot and returning from the grave, and hosting the Celebrity Jackbox Games and Giving livestreams in 2020. Tim’s first job in the gaming world was with Berkeley Systems, the company that showed the world a toaster could fly; Tim has written for The New Yorker, works as a contributing writer on Work in Progress on Showtime, and can be found on twitter as @MisterSniffen.

Favorite Games: Halo, BioShock, Dead Space, and my first love: Infocom’s Enchanter

Warren is a Director at Jackbox Games who started as a writer during the YDKJ Facebook days. Games Warren has directed include Patently Stupid, Push the Button and Quiplash 3. Additionally, you can also find Warren annoying his fellow co-hosts, Brooke and Ryan, on The Jackbox Party Club, a weekly stream on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube.

Favorite Games: Spider-Man 2 (I learned my way around New York because of this game), NBA Jam (but only when it doesn’t cheat), Subnautica, the Uncharted franchise, Red Dead Redemption II, Horizon Zero Dawn, Batman: Arkham City, Slay the Spire