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Michelle Leatherby headshot jackbox games
Jackbox Games

Staff Spotlight: Michelle Leatherby

Okay, so I’m writing my own intro. Usually, with people’s staff spotlight blogs, there’s an intro written by someone besides the staff member being spotlighted.

Hector M Padilla jackbox
Jackbox Games

Staff Spotlight: Hector M Padilla

Meet Hector! Hector is one of the Lead Artists at Jackbox Games. You probably have seen/loved Hector’s work in games like Champ’d Up, Role Models,

Jackbox Games

Staff Spotlight: Alex Weick

Alex is one of the delightful producers at Jackbox Games! Producers are the champions of making sure everyone on a game team feels supported, keeping

Jackbox Games

Staff Spotlight: Spencer Ham

You probably haven’t met Spencer Ham but if you’ve played any of the Trivia Murder Party games, you’ve definitely heard his voice! [REDACTED], the host

Jackbox Games

Staff Spotlight: Chase McClure

Chase McClure is one of our Senior Software Engineers and it feels like he’s been on our team forever. He’s integral to our work in