Staff Spotlight: Spencer Ham

You probably haven’t met Spencer Ham but if you’ve played any of the Trivia Murder Party games, you’ve definitely heard his voice! [REDACTED], the host of Trivia Murder Party, is voiced by Spencer! Spencer is also the Game Director for many beloved Jackbox titles including Survive the Internet, Split the Room, Joke Boat, and Champ’d Up (as well as editorial contributions to several games). Spencer also has excellent taste in television and music. He didn’t pay me to write that. On top of all of this, Spencer also teaches comedic writing at Third Coast Comedy Club and has a class starting in March

Read on to learn more about Spencer! 

What brought you to Jackbox Games? 

I initially got hired as a freelance writer in 2010 to work on You Don’t Know Jack, a game I loved as a kid. I often played it with my mom when I was in middle school (I was very popular).

What is your favorite thing about directing at Jackbox?

As a game director, I love collaborating with each of the team leads. Whether it’s discussing mood boards or the game loop, I get to exercise a lot of different muscles in the ol’ noggin, which is very rewarding.  

Do you have a favorite Jackbox memory?

There are lots of good memories, but one of my favorites would be the day that I, Dave Innis (Studio Art Director), Ben Jacobs (Principal Software Engineer), and Brian Chard (Audio Lead) created Gene in a Survive the Internet meeting. Our gift to society, you might say. You don’t? Well, I’m still incredibly proud of our beautiful boy.  

Do you have a favorite Jackbox game? 

If you put a gun to my head, I would pee myself. I would then say the Trivia Murder Party series because I’m a narcissist. Also, I love the depth and lore to them. They were an absolute joy to work on from start to finish.  

What might surprise people about working at Jackbox?

I think it would surprise folks to learn that Rob Zombie often makes an appearance in our weekly company meeting. That’s all of the context I wish to share. 

Share a fun fact about yourself!

Here’s one I’ve used in Fibbage: Enough About You a few times: I once approached beloved actor Geoffrey Rush on the streets of New York, but I wasn’t completely certain it was him so at the last second I panicked, leaned in for a handshake, and said, “Geoff!?” as if we were old pals. We have not spoken since.   

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