Staff Spotlight: Farhan Noormohammed

Meet Farhan Noormohammed! Farhan is on the engineering team at Jackbox Games. In addition to his programming prowess, you can find Farhan talking to fans at events like PAX, ferociously playing Cuphead on our stream, or playtesting new game concepts at our Chicago studio. Farhan is known on our team for his enthusiasm and interest in figuring out solutions to difficult problems. 

Read on to learn more about Farhan’s work! 

What brought you to Jackbox Games? 

I’ve been with Jackbox for a little over a year and a half. What brought me to the company, and what I still love that we do, is local co-op games. Growing up, some of my fondest memories were of my friends and I sitting around a console joking around and playing games together. It was something we did with our hands as we were talking about whatever came to mind. Being in the room together made for the best conversations and the most memorable moments. 

I joined Jackbox Games because I wanted to help keep that tradition alive and give the next generation (hopefully) the same fond memories that I had while playing games with my friends.

What is your favorite thing about being a programmer at Jackbox Games?

At Jackbox, I am encouraged to try any idea that I have. Anytime I have an idea for a game, or maybe just some tech that I think would be fun to use, the first response is always: “Take some time, try it out, and see if it’s fun.” 

There’s never been a point where I have felt creatively stifled.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

My favorite part about working at Jackbox is just the general whimsical environment that we all contribute to in the studio. We work hard, but it’s never without some sort of shenanigans. In all of our meetings, everybody is making jokes and laughing about something even if the meeting is about the dryest subject on the planet. 

Jackbox really does strike the perfect balance between working hard to get everything done and having a good time while we do it. There truly is never a boring meeting.

What might surprise people about working at Jackbox?

Even though we have different departments, everybody interacts with everyone. In any given week, I’ll see (if not directly work with) almost everybody at the studio. Usually, when people have different departments and different sections of the office, they stay in their own areas. Departments don’t really act as a barrier here.

Do you have a favorite Jackbox game? 

My favorite Jackbox game has to be Push The Button in The Jackbox Party Pack 6. As a person who is really just looking for a reason to scream at his friends, this game is perfect! Also, Word Spud is a fantastic game for absolutely roasting your friends in a public setting.

Give us a fun fact about yourself! Hurry! 

I willingly watch, in a Mystery Science Theater-like fashion, the worst movies ever created. Any movie that has a 5.0 or less on IMDb is on my must watch list. It all started with a movie named Australiens. Ever since then, I’ve just been slowly making my way through the worst rated movies of all time.


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