Staff Spotlight: Chase McClure

Chase McClure is one of our Senior Software Engineers and it feels like he’s been on our team forever. He’s integral to our work in so many ways. You can find Chase making critical updates to our controller, prototyping game ideas (The Devils and the Details is Chase’s brain child!), helping various departments with important projects, or using the pizza emoji on Slack. 

Read on to learn more about Chase!

What brought you to Jackbox Games?

This question made me actually stop and think of the unlikely chain of events that brought me to Jackbox. I reckon, finding and loving You Don’t Know Jack as a kid started it. Somehow, I ended up in Chicago. Somehow, I learned how to program pretty well. Somehow, Jackbox needed someone that could do the things I do. And, somehow, I convinced them to hire me. I am very lucky. I’ll have been with Jackbox for two years in April. 

Do you love pizza as much as Chase? Let him know on his pizza appreciation Instagram account!

What is your favorite thing about your work at Jackbox? 

My favorite thing is that my “role” isn’t very specific. Officially, I am an engineer on the infrastructure team, and I really enjoy that part of my role. Jackbox gives us the freedom to slither around and contribute in many ways.

Prototyping and helping folks bring their game ideas to life is the most fun.

What do you enjoy most about working here? 

Playtesting and iterating on very early game ideas is just the best. One of my favorite days at Jackbox was when Ben Jacobs (Principal Software Engineer) and Spencer Ham (Game Director) asked me to come “try out this dumb drawing idea” which ended up becoming Champ’d Up. I cried (laughing) that day.

Do you have a favorite Jackbox game? 

It’s hard not to say The Devils and the Details since being able to design and work on that game was, literally, a dream come true. And Owen Watson (Lead Artist) put my cat Getti in it.

That said, playing Drawful 2 with my friends/folks is my go-to.

What might surprise people about working at Jackbox Games?

I’m not sure if it’s surprising, but Jackbox Games is a rare case where someone coming from the web development world, like myself, can really contribute to a game studio in a big way.

What are some hobbies you enjoy outside of work? 

I play in a band, Friends of Italian Opera, and spend a whole lot of time snuggling with my cats. In non-pandemic times, I take overnight Amtrak trips to random places a few times a year. Oh, and recently I’ve gotten obsessed with putting together these no-glue-required steel models of spacecraft. They are so satisfying.

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