Staff Spotlight: Allison Flom

Any studio’s Quality Assurance (QA) department can only hope to be as Flom-tastic as ours! Meet Allison Flom, a member of our QA team and one of the leaders of our external playtests. The QA team is charged with making sure our games run smoothly on a ton of platforms. It’s careful, detail-oriented work that requires patience and tenacity. 

Read on to learn more about our badass QA tester, Flom! 

What brought you to Jackbox Games? 

I remember seeing that shiny bald head on the CD-ROM shelf of my parents’ home office growing up, so I guess you could say marketing works! In all seriousness, when my friends started moving away for job and school opportunities after high school, we were still able to play these games remotely to stay in touch, despite all the different time zones. It was always nice to have these games to fall back on when small talk was hard and we all just wanted to laugh. Today, Jackbox Party Packs are still a Flom family holiday staple.

I’ve been at Jackbox for about a year now. I applied to the job having no previous game industry experience, but knowing that I loved Jackbox Games. I was eager to be around people working in tech that felt the same way. 

What is your favorite thing about QA at Jackbox?

I love that I am able to shift gears so many times throughout a single day. I do game testing, customer service, and some internal tool development. At any given moment, there’s always something new and interesting going on. 

Aside from QA work, what do you enjoy most about working at Jackbox? 

I was very lucky to be able to work a couple of the game conferences we attended this past year (PAX West and TwitchCon). It was really fun to help run the stages and meet the guests we had on those panels.

Do you have a favorite Jackbox game? 

Push The Button has a special place in my heart because I was on the design team for that game and I’m a real sucker for hidden identity games. Prior to working here, Trivia Murder Party had been a long-standing favorite. I’m a lover of all things spooky and sci-fi so both of those games fall squarely in my wheelhouse. There’s nothing I enjoy more than trying to describe those crazy alien glyphs to my poor shipmates in the bioscanner room: 

“Alright this one looks like… well… if an onion was a puppet?” 

What might surprise people about working at Jackbox Games?

I feel like a lot of people think Jackbox is bigger than it is. The people that work here are able to tackle a very large workload per person and still crack jokes while they’re at it. That’s pretty rare.

What are some hobbies you enjoy outside of work? 

Besides the obvious answer of playing video games, I enjoy experimenting with infusions and fermentations in the kitchen. I’ve been in the food service industry for a lot longer than I’ve been in the tech world and it’s something I still find a lot of joy in.

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