Party Games That You Can Play With Your Kids

One night, your electricity goes out and you have to find something else to do besides playing Jackbox Games. Nine months later…you have a new player.

Jackbox Games are the go-to entertainment option for raucous parties and meetings between heads of state, but which ones are best for playing with a PG-rated crowd? All of our games are rated T for teen, but once you turn on the Family Friendly  setting (found in the game’s settings menu), you’ll find they’re great for your (cool) family. Here are a few games that are fun to play with kids around the ages of 9 and up.

Drawful 2

Drawful 2 is a game of hilariously bad drawings. Each player gets a weird phrase that they have to draw, like “night farmer” or “boring graveyard.” The other players see the drawing and make up a title for it that might fool everyone into thinking it was the original prompt. You get points for fooling people with your title and for people guessing the correct title to your drawing.

No one likes fooling adults more than kids, and even if your kid doesn’t care much about the rules, making weird drawings together is a ton o’ fun!

Quiplash 2

One of the best parts about many Jackbox Games is that there is no “right” answer. Options like Quiplash 2 emphasize creativity, with the goal of making a hilarious joke.

Of course, comedy is particular to the audience. Some will find this blog very funny (champions), others will not (criminals). This game is great for your whole family to play because you’ll get to make each other laugh with family inside jokes and shared experiences.

You make the content, so use the Family Friendly setting for the prompts and make sure Uncle Mike knows what’s appropriate to write.


Playing trivia with kids can be tough, because an 11-year-old has a much different knowledge base than someone in their thirties (unless that 30-year-old writes for Jackbox Games).

Guesspionage is a trivia game based on approximation. Instead of just saying “I have no idea” you can just estimate “around 25%.” It means no one is left out of the game because no one will know EXACTLY what  percentage of people put ketchup on their hot dogs (criminals).

Tee K.O.  

When I was 10, I was playing board games with my family and my dad did a drawing of a cat that was so bad we brought it up at my recent wedding rehearsal dinner.

Sometimes family game night can lead to memories (A.K.A. embarrassments) that will last forever. Tee K.O. is a drawing game where the players collaborate to make the best (goofiest) shirts possible. And as a bonus, you can even order your design on a real shirt after the game!
It’s a fun game and if you’re looking for future gifts, you can kill two-poorly drawn birds with one decently-drawn stone!

Fibbage 3

Fibbage 3 is another game where you get to make up a unique answer to trivia-based prompts. It has all the fun of Quiplash, with the added benefit of gauging how good your kids are at lying. Always good information to have on hand.

For family game nights, you might want to try Fibbage: Enough About You (a bonus game mode in FIbbage 3) which asks players to lie about people in the room and finally discover what rumors about Uncle Mike are real.

Pick up one of these games to enjoy with your family today!

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