Jackbox Games Holiday Sale Guide 2020

Ho, ho, ho! It’s me, Santa Claus! Yes, the real guy! I spent my summer becoming proficient in party game culture and WordPress blog posting. We’re all picking up new skills and hobbies this year, huh?

If you’re looking to pick up a new source of merriment during your holiday get-together or New Year’s Eve Zoom call, I know just the games you should add to your list! 

Jackbox Games titles will be on sale on several platforms over the course of the holiday season. Blitzen helped me outline some of the key platform sales below. 

Steam Codes (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Jackbox sells Steam keys in the official Jackbox Games shop for customers in the United States! You can also purchase directly from the Steam store itself, if you prefer or for international orders, but the sales may differ. Interested in playing remotely? Steam is our recommended platform! 

JackboxGames.com | December 18th – January 4th

Steam | Exact Sale Dates TBA!

We also sell gift cards for our official shop here!

Nintendo Switch 

Nintendo eShop | December 22nd – January 2nd 

PlayStation 4 (will also run on PlayStation 5)

The PlayStation Store | December 22nd – January 19th 

The PlayStation Store | January 5th – January 19th

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 – 25% off

Xbox One (will also run on Xbox Series X/S)

Microsoft Store | December 18th – January 3rd

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon | December 18th – January 4th 

If you have a question or issue with making a purchase, please contact the store you’re purchasing from directly. If you’re purchasing from the Jackbox shop and have questions, please submit a ticket at help.jackboxgames.com. Please note that the Jackbox customer service team is enjoying the holidays with their loved ones too! They’ll get back to you as soon as possible after the holidays. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Santa out. Peace. 

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