Jackbox Games Donates 1,000 games to Operation Supply Drop

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve begun working with Operation Supply Drop to bring our games to active duty service men and women. For starters, we have donated 500 copies of both The Jackbox Party Pack and The Jackbox Party Pack 2 to be delivered to military bases, hospitals, rec centers, and wherever else the men and women who serve our country like to gather, draw pictures of a “koala writing a novel,” argue over whether cheese rolling is a sport, and play fart sounds.

“Having a sense of humor and being able to laugh during the most stressful times is something that all successful members of the military share. Every time I played a game from Jackbox Games with friends, family or other military, it has been a great time, laughing while poking fun at each other,” noted Ray Whitaker, Operation Supply Drop Chief Operating Officer. “Thanks to this fantastic partnership with Jackbox Games, Operation Supply Drop looks forward to bringing this joy to active duty and military veterans across the globe, as we include many of their games at our upcoming community events and in future supply drops.”

As a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps myself, I couldn’t agree more. I am thrilled to get the opportunity to work with Operation Supply Drop to spread a little Jackbox joy to service men and women everywhere. In my time serving, video games played a huge role to support morale and team building. When deploying overseas (at least in my experience), you can generally only take as much as you can carry by yourself, and that includes all your important gear and equipment! That didn’t stop me from lugging both an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3 half way around the world. Playing video games became an almost daily ritual to wind down after a mission or a long days works. We held tournaments, and maintained leaderboards for games like Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare and Need for Speed. It makes me extremely happy to know a new generation of service men and women will be using our games in the same exact way.

If any active military members out there like to play our games, we’d love to hear about it and maybe even feature you in a future post! Take a picture playing one of our games in uniform and send it to us on Twitter @jackboxgames, or on Facebook at JackboxGames with the hashtag #OperationJackbox and tell us about your experience! You can also request a supply drop here.

Mike Zuba will be joining Operation Supply Drop tonight (January 20th) on their Warrior Wednesday Twitch Stream at 6PM ET to talk about Jackbox Games and OSD. Tune in!


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