Earwax is the Third Game in The Jackbox Party Pack 2

We’re on a roll announcing games in The Jackbox Party Pack 2. Today at TwitchCon Allard and Arnie announced the third game that will be part of The Jackbox Party Pack 2: Earwax.



You know how here at Jackbox Games we love sound effects? Fart sound effects especially, but really all sound effects. Well, we decided to make a game that’s all about sound effects.

In Earwax, players must try to create an aural experience to best capture a phrase like “The craziest football halftime show ever” by chosing two sound effects from a list.

Is it a car alarm and a donkey? Probably not. Sounds pretty normal to me. A fart and a second even longer fart? Maybe.

Earwax is one of five games that make up The Jackbox Party Pack 2, which will be released on Xbox One, PS3, Ps4 and Steam this fall. Stay tuned to @jackboxgames for the latest news.

Here’s where things stand. Two more games to announce!


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