Drawfee Plays an Early Version of Drawful: Animate

drawful animate drawfee

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the upcoming release of Drawful: Animate in The Jackbox Party Pack 8

Drawful: Animate puts a spin on the classic drawing party game by allowing you two frames to illustrate silly premises. Your two frame animations will play on loop while your friends guess the prompt you were given. 

Not sold yet? Maybe Drawfee can help. 

Our friends at Drawfee do an incredible job showing off our games. If you haven’t already, check out their video playing an early version of Champ’d Up from The Jackbox Party Pack 7

And listen, we’re not all on Drawfee’s level of artistic ability. Sometimes, you’re a Jackbox employee who struggles to draw a normal looking circle on their phone and you playtest drawing games with the literal professional artists of the company and your drawings are OBJECTIVELY WORSE, but you still have a ton of fun playing Drawful: Animate

During our live Twitch show, The Jackbox Party Club, we played through an early build of Drawful: Animate IRL! We were joined by Spencer Ham, who answered questions about this new title. Watch here.

Tuning into these streams and being a part of our Discord community will be your first chance to actually play the new games before they are released! Don’t miss it! And, keep an eye out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more news about The Jackbox Party Pack 8, now available on major platforms!

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