If you’re looking to do any of the following, you will need to request special permission from us to utilize our games:

  • You are charging additional admission for patrons to play our games.
  • You are running games at more than 4 locations.
  • More than 300 people will be playing our games at any given time.

If you do meet the criteria listed above, please submit a request for permission to play our games at your venue by emailing business (at) jackboxgames (dot) com. We reserve the right to charge a licensing fee.

If you DO NOT meet the above criteria, we won’t require special permission. We do do ask that you help promote our titles in exchange by:

  • Referring interested patrons to our website for information about how they can purchase a title to play at home.
  • Tagging us in photos or posts promoting our games on social media. We can be tagged @JackboxGames on Facebook and Twitter and @playjackboxgames on Instagram.


Jackbox Games are available on a wide variety of digital platforms. You can purchase and download our games anywhere from an Xbox One to your Apple TV! 

To play, each player needs a phone or other web-enabled device to use as their controller. When you start a game, you’ll be given a unique room code on your screen. Just pull up on your device’s web browser, and enter the room code to play along.

Our games are for anywhere from 1-10 players. And, if you have more people at your venue wanting to play along, they can join as an audience member (most games support an audience of up to 10,000) to influence the game’s outcome.

If you’re not sure where to start in terms of which games to play, Trivia Murder Party 2, Guesspionage, and You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream are all great options that don’t involve policing user-generated content. Read our guide below for more information about this!

We have also outlined recommendations for games that work best based on the type of party or event you are hosting. Click these links for party-type specific ideas:


Download our printable guide here.

Here are some tips to keep Jackbox Games under control out in the wild for making sure everyone has a good time! And, we recommend using our How to Play page and video to help onboard new players.

NOTE: For technical support and questions, please visit our support page here. To read a summary of our most recent features and settings in The Jackbox Party Pack 6, click here

NOTE: Our games are rated T for Teen.


Joining the game first makes you the VIP. The VIP has added control over the game, including starting the game and censoring players. Here’s how we recommend you start a game:

  • Go to the game settings and turn Audience and Censoring ON. These settings will be saved but there’s no harm in double checking if you haven’t played in a while.
  • Make sure you’re the only one who can see the game screen (switch external monitors to a different source or turn them off).
  • In the game’s menu, select “play game”. The game will give you a four-letter room code. 
  • Go to on your phone (or whatever Internet capable device you are using) and enter the room code and your name to join the game. You’ll see a little VIP callout near your player name on the game screen.
  • Once you’re in, you can let the other players see the room code and join on their devices.
  • When all your players are in, hit “everybody’s in” on your device to begin.
  • At this point, you can put the game back on the display screens so that non-playing audience members can see the room code and join to play along. 

Tips for Playing

  • You’ll be playing along with everyone else, but you should probably try not to win since that wouldn’t be much fun for the other players. Intentionally pick bad answers when applicable! 
  • In some games (like Fibbage) make sure to give “likes” to other answers. After voting, you can put a checkmark by any answer. Encourage the other players to do this too. The player with the most likes gets called out at the end of the game.
  • In most drawing games (like Drawful 2), remind players that they have at least two colors to work with. Some people don’t notice! 


If you turn on “Censoring” in the Settings menu, you’ll have the power to skip content you find offensive and censor players. After you enable this once, it will remain on for subsequent games. 

  • Skipping: In Drawful 2 for example, skipping a drawing immediately takes that drawing out of the game and play continues on with the next drawing. The player whose drawing was removed is still an active participant in the game and their future drawings will still appear.
  • Censoring: With a few clicks, you can censor specific player-entered answers and remove them from display in the game. Censoring is permanent for that game: all answers from these trouble-making trolls will then be censored for the rest of the game.

Again, the only person who has this power is the VIP. Join first to be the VIP and you get to decide what’s over the line for you and your community, no one else.

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