Author: Evan Jacover

Jackbox Games

Room [CENSORED] Codes

The room codes you get when you’re playing Fibbage are just 4 randomly generated letters. Unfortunately, as we learned a few weeks ago, sometimes 4


Garbage Games

Someone was throwing out this pop-a-shot basketball game so it made its way into our ever-expanding game room. Now that I see it in this

New Game + New Trailer = Outtakes

Here are some outtakes from a trailer for an upcoming game. What’s the upcoming game? It’s called “It’s a Secret, so Back Off!” I have

Jackbox Games

Fibbage Now Available for XBox One

Fibbage, the hilarious bluffing game is now available on XBox One! We couldn’t be more excited to release this game to the console market. (Fear


Drawing Meetings to a Close

We use Google Hangouts so those working remotely can attend meetings, and they recently added the ability to draw on people’s video feeds. Here’s what

Speakeasy and Carry a Big Deck

Jackbox Games is proud to be part of Chicago’s game design community — a group that has spawned some truly fun, weird, and hilarious games.

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