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Quiplash Will Debut at C2E2

As our Quiplash kickstarter campaign winds down — there’s only 5 hours left to join in the fun and back the project — we’re excited

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Are You Friends with Chloe Phartle?

When I logged on to Facebook today I saw this message: If you’ve watched our Kickstarter video for Quiplash, you might recognize Chloe. Allard made

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We’re Kickstarting Quiplash!

We launched our first Kickstarter campaign on Monday and by Tuesday night it was 100% funded! A big thank you to everyone who contributed! We’re

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A Farewell to (Eight) Arms

R.I.P Word Puttz 2014-2015 “It was the only word game with balls.“ It’s hard to believe Word Puttz was only out for a year before

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A Post Post

This is a post about our new post. It was unveiled last week. Allard was being mysterious about the whole thing. A week ago someone

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Ben installed a bot that plays Zork into our group chat service, Slack. For those of us who grew up on Infocom games, old wounds


Jackbox Games @ Emporium Arcade Bar

A group of Jackbox Games designers and developers (and Mike) will be at Emporium Arcade Bar on Wednesday, February 25th from 8PM until we get sleepy, which

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Friday Twitch: Papers, Please

On our latest weekly Twitch stream we played the bureaucratic nightmare that is Papers, Please with Chicago poet Robbie Telfer. At the end we offered a free

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