Author: Arnie Niekamp (@misterarnie on Twitter)


Final Three

Narrowing down the potential menu screen Fibbage faces. Luke’s picture, at the top, sort of looks like a mugshot of a wood elf that was


Prizes You Can’t Win

Some rejected Wrong Answer of the Game prize ideas for YOU DON’T KNOW JACK from a writer’s notebook.

Jackbox Games


Company founder and YOU DON’T KNOW JACK creator Harry Gottlieb’s face on a plastic mug. Drink deep.


Construction Upstairs

This plastic on the ceiling in the office has a lot of us worried we’re going to be murdered by Upside-Down Dexter.


We’re Live

Setting up Fibbage at the Xbox booth at E3. Come on by!


Finding the Fibbage Head

Allard taking pictures of everyone in the office to find the new face of Fibbage. Would this face make you want to buy a game?



These old Regis Philbin standees (from the Millionaire game we made back in ‘99) may be why no one’s been using the treadmill.


Very Steep

We’re conveniently located at the top of the most terrifying staircase in Chicago.


On Air

The office bathroom has an “On Air” light over it so you know when someone’s in there. It’s funny (and even helpful) but also causes


So Proud

In our new office, the shelf holding every version of YOU DON’T KNOW JACK we’ve released is cleverly placed behind a pillar. It’s a little

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