The Last-Minute 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

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It’s down to the wire. There’s just a few seconds left on the clock, and all eyes are on you. Will you be the fun uncle who gets everyone the perfect gift this year?

Don’t leave it up to chance. Here’s your last-minute holiday gift guide for everyone on your list.

Gifts for the family figurehead. 

Aside from saying “my presence is a present” when you join your family figurehead for the holidays, you can honor them with a practical but fun gift they wouldn’t have thought to buy themselves. 

Yes, they’re responsible and will always have enough ice to serve festive holiday cocktails to their guests. But what if they had fun ice? Consider a whiskey stone or a spherical ice mold.

A family figurehead is often practical, re-using things well past their prime. Is mom still using that cast iron you ruined by putting it in the dishwasher? Get her a new one. She’s not going to buy one for herself, because the one she has is “perfectly fine” (it’s not). 

Of course, there’s the family figurehead who says, “Oh me? I don’t need anything! I just need my family.” Well then, give them the gift of family time. The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is full of games that have become family game night classics in many a household. This pack of party games can be purchased for a variety of platforms, including streaming devices like Amazon or Apple TV. 

If your family figurehead doesn’t yet own one of these streaming devices, this could be a great year to get the rest of your family to pitch in and buy this together. After all, the best gift a dad could have is family time his children setting up new technology for him.

What to get for the die-hard gamer in your life. 

If they don’t already have the latest Jackbox Party Pack, we of course have to recommend picking up a copy of The Jackbox Party Pack 8. This Party Pack has 5 new party games, including one game (The Poll Mine) with a dedicated streamer mode. 

Our games can be purchased on major platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. If you’re not sure which console your gamer friend uses, purchasing a Steam code for PC/Mac/Linux might be your safest bet. 

If your friend doesn’t already have a full collection of Party Packs from Jackbox Games, we’d also recommend picking up a copy of The Jackbox Party Pack 6. This pack includes some streamer-favorite games including Joke Boat and Trivia Murder Party 2. Trust me, I manage our Twitter, and the stream teens love these games. 

Of course, you also want to make sure your gamer friends are well-nourished during their late night streams. Toss in a six pack of juice to help keep their blood sugar balanced. Top it all off with a bag of Doritos and chopsticks (to keep their fingers clean for gaming).

Find the perfect gift for Susan in HR.

Maybe you drew her name for the office Secret Santa, or maybe you’re trying to sweeten her up ahead of your yearly review. Either way, we’ve got you covered with gift ideas for the event organizer/party planner/glue of the company type in your life.

Every good party needs a solid soundtrack. The Jackbox Party Packs are known for their quirky compositions, and make a great backdrop for your office affair. You can find those soundtracks available for purchase on Steam. Many of those soundtracks are also available for streaming on Spotify. And if Susan doesn’t yet have a premium subscription to Spotify, save your holiday party the headache by buying away those pesky ads. It’s the gift that gives back!

Speaking of gifts that are secretly also kind of for you, consider getting the event planner in your life a Costco membership. This will help them stock the office kitchen with all kinds of snacks. This will also nearly guarantee that you’ll never run out of coffee (sold in 3 pound increments).

Appease the social butterfly with these gift ideas.

Everyone has that one friend who’s somehow always at brunch, a comedy show, and on a vacation all at once (according to their Instagram story, of course). And what do you get for the person who’s always treating themself?

Certainly, things have shifted a bit in the past couple of years and the social butterflies in our lives have had to keep an active social life in more distanced ways. Help them keep that extrovert energy alive with a ring light setup for virtual game nights with friends. 

A snack box subscription can also help them prepare for a great remote game night. And, oh boy, are there so many different options. Universal Yums is a snack subscription that offers treats from around the world (so they can feel like they’re jet-setting even while stuck at home). Candy Club offers very instagrammable little jars of brightly colored candies. 

Now, let’s talk games. Quiplash is a mainstay of game nights for groups of funny friends. The Jackbox Party Pack 7 includes the latest version of the series, Quiplash 3, as well as 4 other hilarious party games. We’d also recommend picking up The Jackbox Party Pack 8, which includes games with player counts up to 10. Because, as your social butterfly friend will not let you forget, they have soooo many friends. 

What do you get the cool teen who’s too cool to teen?

So, you’ve got a cool teen in your life that makes you ask the question, “What are the teens into these days?” and “Since when did I talk like this?” 

From one former cool teen to another, here’s what I know: teens need money. Get ‘em the ol’ cash in a greeting card. Or, if you’re confident you know any of their interests (it’s okay if you don’t, cool teens can be very mysterious), get them a gift card. Consider a Twitch gift card, or one for the local coffee shop they like to loiter at with their friends after school. 

We also know from recent studies (read: comments on our TikTok and Twitter accounts) that the teens really enjoy The Jackbox Party Pack 4. Monster Seeking Monster and Surviving the Internet (both in Party Pack 4) have become cult favorites, particularly amongst our Gen Z fans. Gifting a Steam code for The Jackbox Party Pack 4 to the cool teen in your life is a surefire way to secure your place as the Cool Uncle/Aunt. 

You could also honestly just send them this orb meme. Teens love the orb meme. Don’t ask.

Here’s what to get the diehard Jackbox Games fan in your life.

A diehard Jackbox fan might have all of our games already, so what do you get them? 

Well, my first recommendation is, you guessed it, a gift card! We offer gift cards in denominations from $5-$100. If they don’t have all 8 Party Packs, great! They can pick up Steam codes for their missing packs in our store. However, gift cards can also be redeemed for Jackbox Games merch. 

Speaking of merch, we offer a wide assortment of shirts and mugs in the Jackbox Games online shop. The Yetee also has some great Jackbox Games merch, or you can choose from two different desk Jackbox Games art pieces from Artovision

If you’ve played a game of Tee K.O., Champ’d Up, or Job Job with the diehard Jackbox Games fan in your life, consider picking up a memento from the game. All three games offer t-shirts available for purchase directly from the post-game gallery. Champ’d Up also offers trading cards that utilize champs from your game. Learn more about Champ’d Up: Slam Down here! You can play a whole new game with those trading cards. (mind blown emoji)

Really secure your status as the coolest person in their life by picking up an iPad and stylus so they can cheat at drawing games like Drawful and Weapons Drawn

Gifts for your creepy neighbor Gary who’s never home but somehow you feel obligated to give him a gift because you grew up in a household where that’s just “common courtesy.”

I dunno, a pie?

A safe bet for everyone.

Honestly? Just buy a gift card. They’re not glamorous, but they’re practical. They’ll think of you when they’re eating that perfectly cooked filet mignon with the steakhouse gift card you purchased, or when they’re smelling that gorgeous Lavender Rain candle they picked up with your Home Goods store gift card. 

At Jackbox Games, we offer gift cards in denominations from $5-$100. Let them buy a mug, or three mugs, or 5 whole party packs of games. You’re the fun uncle, after all. 

Gift cards are the perfect way to say, “Hey, I get you. You like things. Go buy them…on me.”

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